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Who Is Lil Brian?

Who is Lil Brian?

Lil Brian is a young aspiring music artist/producer born and raised in Hollywood, FL. Music and rhythm gravitated to his life at a young age, but his musical journey officially started at Driftwood Middle School. He joined the band program and played the Alto Saxophone all through 6th grade. He then switched to percussion in 7th grade and in those times is where he officially decided to pursue his interest in hip hop/rap music.

He continued along that path, leading him to join the drumline of the Spartan Pride Marching Band at Hollywood Hills High School. He gained much insight and experience on showmanship and the ethics behind it during his high school career. From marching in the 2011 McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago, to performing his raps every year at his school’s talent shows.

From the moment he decided he wanted to become a rap star, he had a vision to build a home studio, create his own music, and become a success in the music industry.

After high school he enrolled at Broward College in attempts for an AA in Music Technology.

That’s when he realized the school setting no longer served him well and he wanted to become an entrepreneur.

And in September 2016, after so much research on music and the industry behind it, he decided to go independent and start “Lil Brian Productions LLC” in pursuit of his dreams to impact the world through music!

He’s been building his brand and his catalog of music and beats since then.