Home Studio Evolution

Oct 23, 2016 by Lil Brian - Comments Off on Home Studio Evolution



This was my home studio back in 2011. I was a sophomore in high school at the time and to be honest, there are times I like to visualize my room like it was because this was one of my most creative times. This was before I had a MIDI controller and was plugging things manually in FL Studio. Ironic, but I had plenty of inspiration and motivation around me whether it was coming from my life and family, or from my experiences in band (peep the marching snare at the bottom right).



This is the year I was given a new desk. That’s really the only major change that happened. I did enjoy every part of that desk though; it had plenty of desk space, a bunch of drawers for storage. Overall it was just what I needed for my workflow being that I was a writer as well.

Soon after my sophomore year ended I was ready to tackle on my junior year. Unfortunately this is the year my father passed away and that forever changed me and my outlook on life. It definitely impacted my music and productivity as well.


My studio didn’t really change much in 2013, that’s until I started inheriting money from my father passing away. Instead of buying Jordan’s, I decided to invest my money in studio equipment. Piece by piece I put it all together. From the two white 12″ KRKS (studio monitors) all the way to Auralex padding on the wall. My favorite piece of equipment in this picture had to be the Akai Professional MAX49 (MIDI Controller). That was my pride and joy. The only problem with me was that the touch faders weren’t as responsive as I wanted them to be and the drum pads were set 3×4. I liked the classic 4×4 drum pads like the classic MPC’s had.



Sometime in early 2015 I first had laid my eyes on the Akai Professional MPK249. I was immediately sold when I saw the 4×4 drum pads, and boy was I amazed by the different colors the pads illuminated. I had to get it!!! I sold my MAX49 for the money, which was painful to do because I loved that MIDI controller, but it was time to move on and adapt. I eventually didn’t like how my wooden desk took up a lot of space in the room, so I got rid of it and replaced it with a cheap glass desk from Walmart (which is what you see in the picture),

If you want to take a tour of my Home Studio back in 2015 click here !!!


This is what my studio looked like in 2016. When I first started making music, I wanted to get MIDI controllers, plug-ins, guitars, a drum set, a drum machine, you name it. I eventually got some of those things but a grand lesson I learned over time was that gear does not gauruntee good music. Yes, bummer right?

I use to think otherwise. I blame American consumerism. From a young age we were all bombarded with advertisements giving us the impression that materialism = happiness. As you grow older you realize that is far from the truth. This is what lead me to living life with a minimalistic approach. That is what inspired me to get a loft bed from IKEA around the beginning of the year; to take advantage of all the square space in the room and create some space to move around. I sold a lot of my things that I thought I needed at first but to be honest I felt more content and focused with the new atmosphere I created for myself.


After sleeping on the IKEA bed for months, I realized how uncomfortable it was to sleep on. I loved the idea of taking advantage of all the square space but not having good sleep was not worth keeping the bed, so I sold it.

Luckily I didn’t get rid of the glass desk I had before so I moved that back into my room and used it for my set up. At first the speakers were sitting on the edge of the glass desk but I recently got DR Pro Studio Monitor Stands again. Getting them was a smart move because it helped create a more accurate mixing environment now that the speakers are isolated and at ear level.

There is many more moves to be made from here. Whether it’s getting new gear or finally moving to a new home, it won’t happen without hard work!


I found even more room to minimilize and sold my guitar and drum pad. I wanted to focus more on rapping and producing. But I ended 2017 by getting a new desk for Christmas which was refreshing for me because now I get to enjoy a new look for 2018! This new desk by On Stage really gives my workstation an official feel. Here’s to many more years of music and continuing to evolve my home studio!